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Boxing myself on Boxing Day

Since the etymology of the title “Boxing Day” is unknown, might I suggest the name was coined to describe the violent behavior of the masses returning Christmas gifts and zeroing in on year-end clearance sales?  “Elbowing Day” might better cover…

A Son of a Shepherd and Joy

We light the third advent candle – the curiously pink candle – for the shepherds and the quality of joy. Friends from Europe were visiting and after a long day we were discussing what to do for dinner. Sergio, whose…

Light and Hope for Advent

We light the first purple candle in the Advent wreath for the prophets, the ones who spoke with hope about the coming Messiah. The small candle barely flickers in the late November gloom, but don’t be deceived. The light of…

Why Do I Write?

I was supposed to answer the question “Why do I write?” on a page you can find by clicking on “The 12” button atop this page.  Instead of finding my answer to that question there, you will see that I…

Do Calvinists Believe in Luck?

I spent a day with the legendary basketball coach John Wooden once. He was 93-years-old at the time. Yes, I know that I am shamelessly namedropping in the first-ever Perspectives blog post, but give me the benefit of the doubt…