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A friend of mine died by suicide a few weeks ago. The image she used when she talked about God was that of a Weaver, forever at the loom. As I searched scripture in preparation for her funeral, I found…


A couple of months ago, I co-taught a preaching seminar in the Rocky Mountains with fellow Twelver, Scott Hoezee, and superstar preaching colleague, Peter Jonker. On one of the days, I was asked to speak for 30 minutes on any…


The light turns green. I step into the crosswalk at River Avenue and 16th Street in downtown Holland, Michigan and as I do, a strange and slow collision between a van and a bicycle happens right in front of me.…

Slowed Down

20km. Easy pace. One day of each week of my distance-cycling training schedule last summer recommended this – a 20 km ride at an easy pace. These ‘easy pace’ days were to be balanced with 4 days/week at a normal…

Fathered: A Litany

We remember Adam, whose sons did not get along—their rivalry leading to death. God, who is no stranger to conflict, may we take all our rivalries to the cross. We remember Abraham, who was asked to place his son on…


By Heidi S. De Jonge Last summer, I let one of my parishioners take me golfing for the first time (and probably, the last). The night before the outing, my husband, Tim, said, “You are going to be horrible. You…