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America the Exceptional

Before my last semester of full-time college teaching was derailed by a virus, I had been teaching – for about the fortieth time – my course on American Religious Thought to a lively class of undergraduate students at Central College.…

Huddles, Hugs, and Homilies in the Heartland

The ad appeared in the Pella Town Crier on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, publicizing the premiere of a documentary entitled “Fire and Brimstone,” at a church in nearby Oskaloosa, Iowa, on May 11. “After 32 years of homosexuality and transgenderism,”…

Seeking the Face of the Text

By David Timmer Aviyah Kushner grew up immersed in the Hebrew Bible. Born to an American Jewish father and an Israeli mother, she was raised as a Modern Orthodox Jew in Monsey, a predominantly Jewish town near New York City.…

A Fugue for New Year’s Eve

By David Timmer J. S. Bach’s The Art of the Fugue is a kind of musicological Summa, a summing up of his musical ideas composed near the end of his life. Like some of the great theological summae (think of…