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Sabbath and Return Day: A Modest Proposal

Recent postings on this blog have invited readers of The Twelve to be faithful in honoring the Sabbath. Travis West (“The Sabbath, Time and Presence,” Nov. 16) challenged us to recover the recurring and renewing holiness of time as an…

The Big, Big Bang Theory of Peacemaking

A momentous anniversary, eclipsed by current crises, demands our remembrance today. Events of 75 years ago changed our world profoundly and irreversibly. In August 1945 it took just a few milliseconds for a powder charge of conventional explosives to set…

Three Books Came from Heaven

I have been thinking recently about some remarkable individuals whom I met on a recent journey to sites in the Middle East and East Africa to seek out Muslims and Christians who are creating channels for better mutual understanding. Dr.…

Reflections in Exam Week

by David Hoekema The last few weeks have been stressful, for me and all my colleagues, with piles of papers and worries about whether Calvin College's eminence in Christian liberal arts will survive the budget pressures bearing down on the…