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Towers, Tombs, and the Way of Jesus

by Chuck DeGroat Building towers show your power and glory. Just ask King Herod, who built his infamous fortress-home on the highest hill in the Judean desert, 5km southeast of Bethlehem. Judah’s king, the king of God’s chosen people, was…

Jesus Met Me Under the Table

by Chuck DeGroat Yes, Jesus…who turned over tables, met me under what I barely recall as a wide, brown table, with thin legs that tapered toward the bottom. Then again, it might have been a small table with thick legs.…

Sadducees and the Election

by Chuck DeGroat As we find ourselves swept up into another election cycle—and a particularly animated one at that—I’m finding myself drawn back to the life of Jesus during Epiphany. I've found myself curious about that politically-savvy crew of social…

Who Is This Jesus?

They were all amazed, and they kept on asking one another, “What is this? A new teaching—with authority!   Mark 1:27 by Chuck DeGroat There is a stunning moment in the first chapter of Mark where Jesus confronts a man with…

Leaving the Lawcourt

By Chuck DeGroat In the busyness, exhaustion, and the perfectionism I see in pastors (and experienced myself as a pastor), one resource is becoming exceptionally important—contemplative prayer. I learned of contemplative prayer in the late 90’s in a course on…

On Becoming Generously Reformed

Today we welcome guest blogger Chuck DeGroat. Chuck teaches counseling and pastoral care at Western Theological Seminary, in Holland, Michigan. He co-founded Newbigin House of Studies, San Francisco, where he serves as a Senior Fellow and served as Teaching Pastor…