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When Our Heroes Fail Us

Years ago, I heard Henri Nouwen on an old recording tell the story of his path from teaching in the Ivy League to living in a community of people with disabilities in Toronto. He told the story of a female…

God is Secure

God seems so good in this story,” she said. “So relaxed. So at ease. Patient. Probably sad, but so willing to wait. It’s hard to believe.

Grace and the Warm Embrace

When I started my first “official” pastoral role in the late 1990’s, I immediately hung a painting of Rembrandt’s Return of the Prodigal Son on my main office wall. The same painting still greets me each day, reminding me that…

Make Christianity Great Again?

My friends who are skeptics are cynical about Christianity these days. From our intramural fights to our political collusion on both sides, it all looks very un-Jesus-like. My skeptical friends from back in Chicago, Orlando and San Francisco, in particular…

We Need to Talk about Sex

by Chuck DeGroat Pardon the length of this piece, but we really need to talk. It’s become inevitable that I’ll get a call or email once or twice a month asking to consult with a church on an LGBTQ dialogue.…