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We Need More than Veterans Day Parades

It’s been my practice over the years to take a moment in worship, on Veterans Day Weekend, to acknowledge our veterans and their families. This sort of thing can be tricky, especially when civil religion so often gets confused with…

Love Where You Live

“To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul.” - Simone Weil “When you belong to a place, its stories are in you.” - Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove I hadn’t noticed the signs before. Granted,…

The Stewardship of Words

Words. I love words. I love the way they look and sound. I love learning their secret histories and cracking them open to explore what’s inside. I love playing with them, stringing them together like colorful beads, working hard to…

Being Remembered

By Brian Keepers When I enter the hospital room, she is sitting up in the recliner beside the bed. Her husband is on the bench next to her, in front of the large picture window. Her eyes dart back and…

She Needs Your Voice, Church

She leans forward, pressing her palms against the table. I see the fire in her eyes, a fierce tenderness. Or is it a tender fierceness, I know not the difference. I also see the sadness. “Something’s gotta change,” she says.…

Does God Ever Cry?

By Brian Keepers “Daddy, does God ever cry?” This is the question my youngest daughter, Abby, asks me when she is only four years old. She asks it so innocently, doesn't even look up from the coloring page she fills…