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Who Are You Reading?

I was unaware of my inherent biases, and without conscious effort I’d simply slid into my own racial and gender echo chamber. And there were real implications.

Dinah and #MeToo

By Bill White Dinah had no voice. An entire chapter of scripture tells her story, but not one word is attributed to her in the holy text. I suppose, then, that I shouldn’t be surprised that I had never heard…

Evacuating Jerusalem

By Bill White Today, Pentecost Sunday, we often say we are celebrating the birth of the church. But as we celebrate, perhaps we can also mourn. In Acts 2, the Spirit was poured out and thousands were baptized. These new…

When My Son Came Out as Gay

by Bill White We were sitting at an outside table at Starbucks on Spring Street on the third Sunday of Lent. As a family we’d been fasting sweets, except for Sundays (the 40 days of Lent don’t include Sundays), so…