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Allison Vander Broek


Nature and the Cosmic Christ

I read Richard Rohr’s Universal Christ and Richard Powers’ The Overstory in quick succession this month. It was not out of any sort of forward thinking or planning on my part but more because I had one sitting on my…

Jane Roe, Race, and Abortion

Two weeks ago, the news surrounding abortion was big. In a new documentary on FX, AKA Jane Roe, Norma McCorvey admitted that not only had she been paid off by the antiabortion movement but also that she had been instructed…

Sacramental Hunger

I think like everyone I’ve been missing meals together. It was such a central part of my life up until the pandemic started -- dinner at a new restaurant with my partner, a potluck with my young adult group, coffee…

Early Lent

Lent started this week, a new liturgical season, and once again I’m reminded of my love of the church calendar. It provides a rhythm to church life and reflects back the rhythms of our own lives as well. Lent is…

Practicing Pluralsim

A few weeks ago, the New Yorker ran a piece on evangelicals and the Democratic Party. I read just about everything I can get my hands on about religion and politics so it piqued my interest. The article was meant…

Rediscovering Religion as an Adult

As a historian of American religion, I’ve always been fascinated by the ways religion has changed over time--how it’s shaped society and been shaped by society in return. Increasingly, I find myself deeply interested in people’s personal histories of religion,…