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What can it mean
to love the life
that is my own?

It is to love
the longings,
the loss,
the fears,
that always find their way aboard.

Or maybe the call is simply to turn
my gaze towards
the laughter,
the taste of coffee in morning light,
the smell of braided sweetgrass,
the touch of a hand finding another again,
the shadow of bird wings soaring above.

What can it mean
to love the life
that is my own?

If love comes only from the light,
then why whenever I’m asked to share my story
do I talk of my struggle to be born,
gasping for air?
Why do I remember in my body the child that felt darkness?
Why still hold the secrets of my family?

What use do I have for the moment I was asked by Ms. Tucker in second grade
to spelled the word
And I whispered to the class…

What does love and life
have to do with divorce and death?
What story is being told through my daughters’ burns?
Where do the heaps of disappointment fit in the equation of love?

What can it mean,
to love the life
that is our own?

All we have are our pieces of
delights and despair,
all gathered into One
asking to be
tenderly carried forward.

Will Forsythe

Will serves as the senior minister at All Souls Church of Boulder, Colorado, and also as a spiritual director with Anam Cara Ministries. In his free time, Will can be found fly-fishing, wrestling his two kids, trying to make sourdough, or drinking coffee that is too expensive but tastes so good.


  • Lee Collins says:

    Thank you for this message today. God loves each piece of us and makes us whole.

  • Kathryn VanRees says:

    Love this, Will. It made me stop and reflect on my own.

  • Travis West says:

    Thanks Will. Your second grade story reminded me of my salient memory from 4th grade — being asked to spell “of” and spelling it (silently on my paper, thankfully) “ove” — then looking at my neighbor’s paper and correcting it to “of”! The things we remember. Thanks for prodding us to consider why we remember what we do, and whether those memories — or the negative self-image we use those memories to reinforce — are ultimately beneficial to us.

  • Shawn says:

    Oh, I really needed this poem. Thank you – it definitely brought me to reflect on my own and how I could think about what I could/should insert in those stanzas.

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