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当我亲爱的朋友和经常合作者简·兹瓦特推荐的东西,我听。 尤其是当谈到诗歌的时候,因为她作为一个有成就的诗人,她知道她说什么。

我们在 Calvin 的 1 月学期一起教学,一个关于信仰和文学的课程,为我们的学生准备今年 4 月的信仰和写作节。 (顺便说一句,你注册了吗? 这将是令人惊讶的-门票进展速度很快!)。 Jane 在开始我们为期一个月的课堂对话的第一天带来了这首诗以及赫伯特的《窗户》。 我们希望学生们通过思考约翰·卡尔文所说的 “荣耀的火花” 的所有方式开始上课,将自己揭示到我们的日常生活中,注意美味的启示时刻。

通过重新发现一位神,他使用一切手 — 甚至我们和我们的商业劳工 — 为我们提供一个超出我们想象的盛宴。

如果上帝做了 Jam— 莎拉·林赛如果上帝做了果酱罐子不一定会像圣诞灯光或新家七十萤火虫一样发光,浆果就不会那么神圣,他们运彩虹和治愈病人,每个点都会释放一个 Gloria,当它破裂你的牙齿之间,上帝的果酱从来没有拒绝触摸尘世的面包 — 莉迪亚姨妈已经解决了这么多自从鲍比表弟告诉她一个逗号他很久以前在学习他的教义时跳过的。 现在,在一个雨天的早晨,避免了躺在她草地上的消息,太湿了,她伸出僵硬的手,发现他们能够切片朋友烤的面包,从皇家红色的罐子上扭开盖子,然后用第一个硬皮的覆盆子咬她准备肯定上帝会做果酱。 如果人们在已经投入使用的乐器中占据一定的位置,当鲍比描绘了一个神,愿意在厨房里工作,谁做了保存和赎回我们的时候,这个神是不错的。

“如果上帝做果酱” 从债务到骨吃牛肉花, 版权 2013 由莎拉·林赛, 铜峡谷出版社的许可使用,

Jennifer L. Holberg

I’ve taught English at Calvin College since 1998–where I get to read books and talk about them for a living. What could be better? I also now chair the department. And along with my wonderful colleague, Jane Zwart, I am the co-director of the Calvin Center for Faith and Writing, which is the home of the Festival of Faith and Writing as well as a number of other exciting endeavors. Given my interest in teaching, I’m the founding co-editor of the Duke University Press journal Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition and Culture (and yes, I realize that that is a very long subtitle). As an Army brat, I’ve never lived anywhere as long as I’ve now lived in Grand Rapids, a city I've come to love. I count myself rich in friends and family. I collect cookbooks (and also like to cook), listen to all kinds of music, and watch all manner of movies and tv shows. I love George Eliot, Jane Austen, Marilynne Robinson, Dante, E.M. Delafield, Tennyson, Hopkins, and Charlotte Bronte (among others). And I used to have a bumper sticker on my car that said: “I’d rather be reading Flannery O’Connor.” I don't have the car anymore, but the sentiment is still true.


  • Jane says:

    I love the it, and as a raspberry jam maker, totally agree!

  • Rodney Haveman says:

    “They dribbled rainbows and healed the sick,”

    “It still counts if people figure among
    the instruments that have been put to use,”

    That poem is about as lovely a way to start my day as I can imagine … and now back to work as an instrument being put to use … thank you.

  • Mary says:

    I must admit I laughed out loud; for here too we sometimes have so many berries that we both bring them to work and pass them out to any neighbor who will open the door, and still have jars & jars of jam for family gatherings and friends in need. And having just clicked on the Literacy Site that gives free books to children, I can’t help wondering what the world would look like if we were known as the jam and book merchants of the world.

    • Jan VanKooten says:

      I join Mary in laughing out loud, here in my quiet off-office room with the lights dim and my screen glowing — what a lovely picture of ordinary stuff brought fully to a Gloria!

  • Jim Dekker says:

    Wonderful way to redeem a skipped comma. Thank you Bobby, Aunt Lydia, Jane, and (with reverence to the Oxford comma), Jennifer.

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