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“Blessed are the grateful” was a phrase that was used in the church I visited this week, and it made me think of this blog.

I’m so grateful for this group of writers. It is wrenching work to put some coherent thought out into the world, and to do so as regularly as these writers do. It takes fortitude to keep coming back, knowing that this work will get picked apart publicly, most often by strangers. It takes vulnerability to articulate the questions, the stories, the doubts and insights that our unique and intimate journeys of faith have required of us. And every day, another post shows up on our screens in spite of all that it has required.

Blessed and grateful, I am.

It is a gift to be a community of faith. That we don’t have to be alone, surrounded only by our own doubts and questions and ideas and answers, is such a comfort. I’ve often wondered what the internet has done to the structure of this community of faith — what ways it has fractured it, and what other ways it has built us up. But I do know this: I have been blessed by the voices on this blog, and for the ways that it has made me feel less alone in my journey to follow Jesus.

“Blessed are the grateful.” Thank you, all who help made this little corner of the internet what it is. It has been a blessing to lots of folks, me included.

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Kate Kooyman

Rev. Kate Kooyman is a minister of the Reformed Church in America who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


  • Lynn Setsma says:

    While I’m sick of postings on Facebook saying blessed while showing one’s wonderful family, I love the phrase “blessed and grateful.” Thanks, Kate. I’m blessed and grateful to call you my friend and I miss you and the work we did. And, yes, I’m making a donation.

  • RLG says:

    Thanks, Kate and your fellow contributors, for your thoughtful and insightful ponderings. Your readers, including myself, are richly blessed and grateful. Keep up the good work.

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