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I have a lot of friends who work for nonprofits.

This meant that Tuesday was a day to brace for. Especially on Facebook, Giving Tuesday has given me something of the same feeling I got when I walked through the marketplace in Tegucigalpa, Jerusalem, Palermo. Lots of voices. Lots of smells. Lots of shiny things. Lots of anxiety about leaving having spent my fistfull of coins in ways that aren’t foolish.

I have one particular friend — herself steeped in the work of nonprofit fundraising for decades now — who cut through what had, admittedly, become a whole lot of noise for me.

I’ll say it: it was a word from the Lord.

She said, “May our spirits be delighted today that there are so many places making our world kinder that we can partner with and give to.”

She is right. It’s a delight.

It’s a delight to remember — in the face of the madness, the vitriol, the shouting that characterizes our public sphere and our Thanksgiving tables and our fellowship halls — the kindness that human beings show to one another, every day.

It is a delight to know there are so many folks in the world with skills, ideas, energy, that have figured out how to respond to problems, to need, to brokenness not with sadness but with solutions.

It is a delight to remember that we serve a God of abundance – and so often this looks like human creativity. Everywhere we look, there’s someone who has set their minds to a brand new way that we can protect, resource, humanize one another.

It is a delight to know there are generous people who think often about using their wealth (or maybe just their spare change, let’s be real) in ways that sustain all these big ideas, all this critical work, all these do-gooder friends of mine.

It is also, for me, a true delight to be a reader of this blog. To be part of a virtual community of friends who wish to wrestle, or praise, or wonder, or wish together. Who have interest in a Reformed approach to the ponderings of faith. Who are curious, intrigued, even delighted to be among this particular band of fellow travelers on the journey.

It’s a delight, for me, to be a writer here. And this space could use your support too. It’s not Giving Tuesday anymore, but it’s still just the right time to be part of what we’re building here.

We hope you’ll consider — among the marketplace of great ways to share your dollars — how delighted we would be if you’d donate to this blog, too.

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Kate Kooyman

Rev. Kate Kooyman is a minister of the Reformed Church in America who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


  • Kathy Sneller Davelaar says:

    Thank you, Kate for this good word!

  • Eric Van Dyken says:

    In the words of Monty Python, those immortal philosophers, “Always look on the bright side of life”. Much to appreciate and be grateful for, most of all the realization that in God’s economy, wickedness does not prevail.

    “in the face of the madness, the vitriol, the shouting that characterizes our public sphere and our Thanksgiving tables and our fellowship halls”

    Yowser! I don’t know whose Thanksgiving table or fellowship hall is characterized by madness, vitriol, and shouting, but Lord have mercy on you if this is the world you live in. Pro tip: don’t politicize your Thanksgiving table or fellowship hall and it is much less likely to be characterized by the animosity that you describe.

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