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Bright Monday!

By April 17, 2017 No Comments
Polish children celebrate Bright Monday with a water fight!

Polish children celebrate Bright Monday with a water fight!

Bright Monday! Easter Monday.
It is a tradition among some Christians—not so much Reformed, but especially Orthodox.

This day after Easter is filled with jokes, hijinks, pranks, and assorted silliness. The point is to laugh uproariously in light of yesterday’s grand resurrection celebration. Some even suggest that it is an especially appropriate time for practical jokes and tricks because Christ’s death and resurrection was God’s great ruse on Satan. (see fish-hook atonement theory!)fish hook

On this Bright Monday, would you please make a gift to support the work of Perspectives and The Twelve?

Maybe the joy of Easter incites you to generosity.
Maybe you think  The Twelve is a joke and needs your help.
Maybe Perspectives puts a smile on your face.
Maybe, even, you see the work of this blog and journal as playing a small but meaningful part in God’s trick on the evil one.

You can make your gift simply and quickly. Just click on the box below. We trust you already understand that we are volunteer driven and lean. We do quite a bit with very few resources. But we do need your help and your financial assistance. Thank you very much.

Christ is risen!

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