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Dear Twelve Readers

By November 30, 2016 No Comments

by Jes Kast

Dear Twelve Readers,
Do you know how much I have grown to care about you? What started as a side blogging project for me has turned into a relationship with real readers who I am in communion with and care about. Emails received and personal conversation at Reformed family gatherings (otherwise known as General Synod) because of this blog. This blog has connected us and I am grateful to be connected with you.

We, all of us, have created a community of thoughtful and generous theologically reformed thinkers. I did not know how much our blog would mean to me when I first started, but it has turned out to be one of my “homes” that I have found solace and fellowship. I’m grateful to be a contributor and I’m grateful for YOU reader. Just so dang grateful!

In light of the grace that we find through this blog, please consider expressing your gratitude through a financial contribution to continue to support generous, thoughtful, reformed dialogue and discipleship.

Thank you for your comments, your connections online that turn into in personal friendship, and thank you for your financial contribution. Please know that all of us at The Twelve are grateful for you and are wishing you Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love this Advent season.

With great Joy,

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Jes Kast is a minister at West End Collegiate Church in New York City.

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