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Help, Please

By September 7, 2015 No Comments

Does one “celebrate” Labor Day? Mark it? Observe it? Perhaps our resident historians (Rebecca and Jim) can illuminate us about the origins of this day. An American attempt to keep labor in the United States from partying with the Bolsheviks, anarchists, and Wobblies on May Day?

In the United States, Labor Day symbolizes the end of summer and the return of daily routines.

As we turn toward a new season, we ask you to make a financial contribution (or better yet, subscribe) to Perspectives and The Twelve. Today, would you give thanks and honor the labor of Perspectives?

Each day a thought-provoking or heartwarming Reformed blog post is available. Meanwhile, the entire contents of Perspectives is also available free of charge of online. You may continue to enjoy this—free of charge and free of guilt.

We ask for a small gift or a subscription, as a token of your gratitude. Grace seeks our response. In a similar way, Perspectives and The Twelve welcome your gift.

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