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Thank You & Happy New Year

By December 30, 2014 No Comments

As the year draws to a close, Perspectives and The Twelve thank you for your support, your attention, and your time. We wish you a happy and blessed new year. 2015 will be the fifth calendar year for The Twelve. (We’re actually a little over three years old, begun in the fall of 2011.)

Regular readers will know that in these final months of the year, we’ve gone through some noteworthy changes. Both Perspectives and The Twelve have new online looks. As always seems to be the case, there were, and still are, some irritating glitches. Remember

We thank you for your faithfulness and persistence in making the jump to the new sites. Here at The Twelve, it has just recently been made possible, once again, to subscribe to receive the daily posts via email. Thanks to those who waited for that and have now signed up.

We’re still working on making it easier for you to submit comments and feedback. This is more than ironic, since we are the ones always asking and cajoling you to give feedback. Please be patient.

We have modest aims at Perspectives and The Twelve. We are not trying to be a phenomenon, to go viral, or make a buck. We want to foster conversation, to elicit thought, to build community, and “to publish Christian writing that delights readers and engages the world in a Reformed way.”

Right now, we’re just trying to keep our nose above water. We are a very lean and volunteer-driven group. Still, we don’t have many people with specialized and technical skills. We’ve faced some significant costs in this time of transition.

“Giants” like The Christian Century or Christianity Today/Books & Culture, with their vast resources and large subscriber bases, have to do fundraising these days. Even they can’t make it on subscriptions and advertising alone. Our needs are much smaller.

We ask you to make a year-end contribution to Perspectives. Your gift means a great deal to us.

Thank you—for reading and responding, for being part of the conversation, for putting up with our snafus, and for your gifts. Happy New Year!

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ bless you in 2015.

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