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Bad Signs

By October 29, 2013 6 Comments

Scott Hoezee

Scott Hoezee is Director of the Center for Excellence in Preaching at Calvin Theological Seminary.


  • Doug says:

    Thanks for this, Scott.

  • GVB says:

    Well said! I feel your frustration especially now since the ACA is getting bad press. More fuel for the hatemongers.

  • Steve MVW says:

    The Canons of Dort, in one of its many unheralded gems, says, "We are to think and speak in the most favorable way about those who outwardly profess their faith and better their lives, for the inner chambers of the heart are unknown to us." Maybe try quoting that to Obama-bashers. But thinking back 7-8 years ago, there was more than a little vitriol aimed at W, too. My own reaction became so visceral I couldn't bear to watch him on TV. The difference may be that while many people's reactions were strongly negative, I don't think there was as much bearing of false witness. No one said W was an extra-terrestrial mutant, or North Korean patsy, for example.

  • JVS says:

    This is not meant in a mean way, Scott, but do you ever feel that all the good education done at our colleges and seminaries isn't bearing the fruit it should?
    My observation is that the baby boomers — and I am one — have acquired a religious/economic/political attitude that allows them to an entitlement from God, from mammon, and from the political arena. Thus we/they can in good conscience deny our youth an education, allow 25 percent of our children to live in poverty, and the like. "I've got mine; I worked hard for it; no one will take it from me."

  • Jim Schaap says:

    Thanks for the post, Scott. We live in a strange world. Last year, my 93-year-old mother, whom I love, looked at me strangely after telling me about some revelation from Fox News. When I rolled my eyes, she said, "Jim, really, do they actually let you teach at Dordt?"

    And she meant it.

    "Thirty-seven years," I told her, but I think her angst was put to rest when I told her I was retiring.

  • Jennifer says:

    Scott — I fear you have been drinking the koolaid. It would be nice if you had at least a modicum of empathy for folks who are being force migrated to insurance policies they don't want (and in many cases can't afford).

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