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A Humble Petition

By July 6, 2012 No Comments
A Humble Petition
To the One Who Sits Above the Cherubim and Seraphim,
Commander of all Angels and Archangels,
Refuge of the Martyrs, Hope of the Saints;


On the Occasion of the 236th Anniversary of
The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America;


Beseeching that those who bear the Name of the One
Will not so besmirch It by association with
Mendacity and Cruelty,
Idolatries of Arms and Flags,
Callousness toward the Poor (whom they say such as they will/should/must take care of
Lest Big Government tarnish morals and charity by its o’er-weaning might),
Callousness toward creation, rendered but into Commodity,
And so surrendered to the flames, the drill, the fracker and hacker;


Such besmirchment not incidentally feeding that self-infatuation of the Left
Which, still enwrapped in the Village Atheist’s screed
And that of the Daring Professor of Yesteryear
And their sacred—but how?—autonomy,
Deems piety to be necessarily the handmaiden of tyranny
and comfort of the plutocrat,
Nor perceives that rights and equity, justice and mercy,
Stand not on their own bottom
But thrive only under the orb of Heaven;


To the end that, from Left and Right cooperatively joined,
Those self-same United States may find categories of measurement
In which once again to lead the their peers
Besides military spending (to the twin departments of defense
—the one seemingly of offense and the other of homeland security)
Weapons manufactured and exported
Rate of murder
Gun ownership
Teenaged pregnancy
And Obesity all around . . .


[Transmission interrupted by order of Gabriel,
Himmelsreich Commissar of Communications,
And redirected to the office of St. Jude,
Patron of Hopeless Causes.]

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